Lane Beachler


b. 1986, HK.


Lane Beachler is a designer who received her BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design where she studied Advertising & Graphic Design. She is a multidisciplinary, driven and authentic artist. Currently located in Boston.

In someone else's words, Lane has been described: "culturally aware and produces work that amplifies vision, both yours and hers." Her designs err on the side of minimalism as she's drawn to all things sharp, bold and clean but has never been afraid to venture outside her comfort zone and has a tendency to push herself creatively. Though she studies graphic design, she has years of experience in fine arts and still draws human forms often. She has experience working in Columbus, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia and Boston, Massachussetts.

Lane is presently a web designer for J. Jill.

IMG_3945 copy.jpg

Fast facts:

  • avid runner

  • yogi

  • vegan but only kind of

  • travels often

  • serious coffee consumer

  • all about classic fashion

  • on a journey to discover the perfect french fry

  • pets all dogs