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when freelance is boring and when freelance is fun.

Sometimes I stare at my camera from across the living room and wonder if I tried to sell pictures, would people buy them? This is actually completely irrelevant but I've wanted to pursue photography for as long as I can remember. I just like it.

The point is, at 23, I want to make a living doing things I thoroughly enjoy.

I moved a month ago. Literally up and left. I had a plan but I didn't have a job. Freelancing was a side hustle in Ohio, I could pick and choose and have fun. Once I was asked to take photos of the town I grew up in. But when I made it South, jobless and all, freelance work was my source of income. Sometimes it's grunt work. It's fine.

Then I got lucky. I decided to brand someone's company. Thinking it would be simple – not dull, but simple – I made a series of straightforward logos. Easy. But I made one that stuck out and referred to it as wonky. It was creative and cool and I didn't expect it to go anywhere. Despite my expectations, though, that was the one.

At the same time, I was handed a website. Photographs and content were all I was provided. Of course, I still have guidelines, but I have a fair amount of creative freedom.

Creative freedom, that is it. I met a woman once who looked at guidelines as a narrow road, where you do what you can with what you have. You try your hardest, you make minuscule changes, you do it and you pass it on. You're not always happy about it, but it's your job. When you're given that freedom, though, I believe you feel even more accomplished when you can make something beautiful.

Freelance will be boring. Freelance will be rewarding. I don't have a life lesson to share with this, just that we don't lose ourselves when we're working on a project that doesn't light a fire of passion. In this moment, I'm the most pleased with what I'm doing.