Lane Beachler

12:1 Yoga

12:1 Yoga is a concept that was born from the oversaturated fitness market and the need for overworked students to decompress from 12 am - 1 am (peak stress hour). To make a name in the industry, fitness professionals have to come up with new and unique ideas that can reach enough people to stay in business.

I created 12:1 because there are many people like me who could use – and would be interested in – a midnight cooldown. Because it included a studio class and a live streaming portal on the website, the class would be accessible to anyone who wanted to participate. It gives them the option of attending a studio class or rolling out a mat anywhere but the studio.

The logo was inspired by the way eyes lose focus as we work late into the night and start seeing double. The studio space itself needed to be inviting, and the instructor would teach the class in front of a large window to really emphasize it all was taking place in the middle of the night.